Monday, April 1, 2013

mi primer colibri

Mi Primera Creacion 


Monday, March 25, 2013

..the purple faced petal girl popping up to surprisingly announcing that spring bride is on her way ... always first to awaken pushing from under the cold and heavy blanket so eager to win the prize of our admiration and gratitude to prove the bravery and boldness within simple signs that God is in control and will never fail ...

Sunday, March 17, 2013

                                                                If Only I had Seen You

If only I had ever seen you through the eyes of a child my view would have been clearer than crystal no assumptions nor rude or abusive judgments …it would have been simple love and expectance of “what game will we play now “…you would be my friend without a doubt and we would have run and played in the imaginary field of make-believe and the dogs would be our horses…the frog would be our playmates and the wind would be our foe.
If only I had seen you through the eyes of a child …I would have smiled at you just for being there and I would think you were the greatest rock star by the way you comb your hair …it would have been fun and games and watch the clouds …swim in the puddles and climb the rocks …fly like eagles and hide in the street between the wheels of parked cars.
If only I had seen you through the eyes of a child …I would have know exactly what to do …but I had lost my child scope and I stood as still as a tree not even the breeze could have moved me … I hid in my shell and prayed you were good …I analyzed you from head to toe and took a decision and let you go …you will never know what I know now …if only I had seen you with a child´s eye… I am sorry to say that you never saw my smile … I am sorry to say that we never will know how much fun it would have been … all because we are strangers just passing by  and now i see you with an adult´s eye . Diana S. @}--S--

Sunday, March 10, 2013

 To whom  it may concern;
                             YOU …live your life in gratitude and you shall receive the eternal abundance and the wealth of the everlasting ….
There is wisdom in all creatures just open your heart and wisdom 
     will come in ... to find wisdom be humble and whole. 
Spring is ...

Forever and ever the true essence of creation all to be born over again over again ...the AWWW and opening of eyes to see the unborn emerge and arise.... to flutter and bloom from all about and everywhere  and the warmth of the glow of our Loving Creator Father through Golden Sun ... It is the energy to run after the deep sleep and drowsy winter cold days is to watch the snow melt and the flocks of geese returning...It is to feel youth and it is the watch love in action through hand in hand walks and lover´s whispers and sighs... it is to watch the  spirits that  caress the evergreen land of hope and the luxurious breath of illusion is the Planter of time. To the Fertile soul... it is the time to is the joyous  time to repaint our thought and refurbish our hearts with the cute little walk of  Mrs. Lady  Red pocadotted coated bug ...and even more so  to twine and unwind in dreamland with the fast delightening breeze of Mr. Hummingbird's wings see the bright petals unveil the infinite beauty be held in the rose who has been placed as the queen of the congregation of sweet smelling  creatures as if  it were heaven´s  scent ...Spring is and is again for evermore the world of beauty to be explored in every heart and every mind we come about to forever find the details to the silent signs always communicating the wondrous beauty  of the Great Artist´s hand to let us behold a bit of His Glory below . So may it be Sow.  Diana S.  @}-S--